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A Whovian’s …err “Delight”? — making the fourth Doctor’s Scarf

You always remember your first Doctor…

I know I either heard or read that somewhere, just can’t remember exactly where so I”ll give the Doctor himself the credit and move on from there.

Being a child of the sixties and seventies, my first Doctor was number 4, although retrospectively speaking it could have actually been 3 because it was my father who introduced me to Doctor Who [pun not intended, exactly], but it was Tm Baker that won my heart and like all fans I had to have the scarf.  That was also 30 years ago.

2013 has sorta of become my bucket list year, not that I’m dying or anything like that, just finally getting around to doing things that have been sitting around too long — the first being the (almost fully finished) Eleanora of Toledo Gown; the second being my beloved fourth Doctor’s scarf.

I started the scarf on May 18th as sort of an early birthday present and I’ve being tweeting my progress on the scarf via one of my twitter alter egos, which I’ve recapped below and have gotten a couple of replies.  One was a woo-who, very excited and the other was “I’ll never do that again.”  Surprisingly, when I did a search on the #DoctorWhoScarf hash tag on Twitter, that was the majority opinion: never again.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, the extreme minority, but I’ll only been at this 6 weeks and I’m over half way there as testified to my my scraf-o-matic ticker below.  [Come on people, it’s only a simple garter stitch! You can do it!  she says in a bad impression of Matt Smith as 11.]

My Doctor Who Scarf status ticker – 6-29-2013

I am delighted that I’m finally knitting this and that is going so very quickly and yes, I am available for hire to knit one of your very own, I’m just trying to figure what it’s going to cost.  (Reply to this post if you’re seriously interested and I will get back to you.)

For those who’ve just gotta know, I’m using the “Official BBC Enterprises Knitting pattern for the ‘Doctor Who’ Scarf,” which can be found here:  I am using a combination of acrylic yarns that best matched the colors with a slight deviation from the original — I’m using an oatmeal color instead to the camel to go better with my skin tones …after all, it is my scarf.

I’ve used the color resources at Doctor Who Scarf .com to help pick my color palette. I opted for the more natural colors.

Twitter feed recap:

5/29/13 — #DoctorWho scarf status report week 1.5 I’ve gotten about 27 inches done.

5/30/13 — This witty knitter is using a blend of acrylic yarn and cat fur so it won’t be too itchy #DoctorWho

5/30/13 — #DoctorWho Scarf — the first 27 inches

6/8/13 — Knitting 54 rows of the same color is so unfufilling #DoctorWhoScarf

6/9/13 — I confess, I’m making the 9ft version from S-15, not the 12ft as it’s for me & I’m only 5’6″ #DoctorWhoScarf

6/9/13 — 40 inches knitted #DoctorWhoScarf

6/10/13 — I do not understand why most swear they’ll never knit one again. It’s easy-peasy lemon sqeezy #DoctorWhoScarf

6/16/13 — #DoctorWhoScarf Week 4 knitting total: 52 inches

6/27/13 — I have just passed the half way point. Huzzah! #DoctorWhoScarf

6/28/13 — Whovian Highlight of day: knitting 4’s scraf while watching 11. #DoctorWho

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  2. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos!

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