Ordering info

We accept payment by Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check in US Funds (Custom work only)
. . . or Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express via PayPal.
(We’ve even been known to speak partial Barter if the trade’s right.)

We sell only to the US and its protectorates, the UK (England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland), Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rica and Vatican City (because if the Pope wanted to dress up like King Henry VIII, then God bless him).  Exceptions can be made on a case by case bases.  Please email before placing your order.

  • Orders paid by Personal Check will be held to let the check clear.
  • Local Los Angeles residents may make arrangements to pay by Cash.
  • International Postal Money Orders in US funds are also acceptable.
  • Payment for all Orders are due in full at the time the order is placed.
  • California Residents are responsible for 9% State and Local Sales Tax.


  • No Returns, No Exchanges, NO Exceptions.
  • Previously commissioned Custom-made Costume Pieces are not returnable.
  • However, we will endeavor to work with you to ensure proper fit.
    In the event that unforeseen circumstances arise, amicable arrangements will be made.  Mind you, this process can and will take time!!  A year is not unreasonable as it depends on when your request is received and the extent of the alterations required.

General Information regarding Clothing Orders: 

  1. Like that old fast food chain slogan, “we don’t make it until you order it”.
    • Our standard turn around time for construction is TWO WEEKS from the date of order. This means that we will ship your order in approximately 2 weeks from the date you place the order. If it will be longer than this, we will send you an email with the estimated ship date.  Again, this is because we make almost everything to order.
    • Our 16th century style, Tudor era wool is special ordered and comes straight from the UK.  Current turnaround for our woolen garments is ONE MONTH from the date of order, plus shipping, to allow the jump across the pond.
  2. While some items may be in stock for immediate delivery, due to the large choice of sizes and colors, a large majority of items must be made to order. During the height of Renaissance Faire season (Mid-April through the End of August) as well as just prior to Halloween, please allow up to 2 months sewing time for orders.
  3. Please give as much size information as possible, especially if you do not wear a standard size in teh comment section of the order form.
  4. We can make most special size clothes.  Please e-mail (info@foxesperiodcostumes.com) if you have questions.
  5. Costuming Miracles and other such “emergencies” can be performed for a minor additional charge.  Please inquiry via e-mail (info@foxesperiodcostumes.com) for fastest information.
    • We are a cottage industry and have four cats.
    • We also have allergies (too many) and thus are hyper-sensitive to this subject.
    • We put personal well-being over profit!
      • If you are highly or mortally allergic to cats, please consider this fact before ordering: While we attempt to keep our workshop as feline-free as possible, it is impossible to keep cat fur &/or dander from coming into contact with our work. Laundering washable garments will do a lot and most likely eliminate the problem, but dry clean only, maybe not.

Postage and Handling

  1. All packages are shipping US parcel or Priority Mail.  We charge a flat rate of $20
  2. We do not provide express or overnight delivery services.
  3. For orders shipped outside the US, actual shipping costs will be charged.  We charge a flat rate of $50 to start and the price increases from there.

All Prices and Costume Piece Designs are Subject to Change without Notice.