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Help us grow the business!

We’ve launched a Patreon Campaign!

Help us grow the business so I can quit my day job and write and create full-time again!

Please consider being a patron and we promise there will be swag in it for you.   Swag ranges from branded reusable shopping bags, and backpack for schlepping your costume pieces or other stuff and for the truly generous, you’ll get a costume of it …and everyone will receive an old school So. Cal. Renaissance Faire style favors

We’re also now on Faceboook!

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What’s New and Upcoming … 4/16/2016 edition

Here are some of the things that you can expect to find in our shop in the near future, in order of anticipated additions:

  • 16th Century Tudor era
    • Men’s breeches
    • Ladies ruff shirts (or more commonly known on the Faire circuit as “partlets”).
    • Ladies underpinnings — corsets, fathingale and bumrolls
    • Accessories — Hats, cloaks and pouches and such.
  • 18th Century attire — think Outlander era clothing
  • one very long, Gallifreyan scarf
  • 15th Century attire
  • 17th Century attire
  • 19th Century attire — think Dickens fair and Civil War
  • 20th Century attire — think Downton Abbey, WWII and MOD and Mad Men

Make sure you sign up for our mailing list so you’re among the first to know when these items hit our virtual storefront or for the impatient among you, please submit your custom-made inquiry today.