Client Testimonials

We believe that our work speaks for itself, but just in case you need convinced, here’s what a few of our customers have had to say about their garb.


“Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you again. I’ll be contacting you next year to make a new costume for my husband.” . . . JA, Las Vegas, NV

“This is everything that I that I would expect in a custom-made costume.” . . . MN, NJ

“I can’t believe that we paid money for such filthy, disgusting rags. They’re perfect in every way! I’ll be certain to recommend to all my friends and associates.” . . . MW, London, England

“Oh my . . . Oh my” . . .LM, Oceanside, CA

“The doublet and slops have exceeded my wildest expectations. I can’t wait to wear them to Faire!” . . . RE, Chicago, IL

“It fits perfectly Thank you again.” . . . DE, Portland OR

“I love it!” . . . PD, Austin, TX

“I passed approval just fine and am very happy with the beautiful work you have done. The bodice fits well and is very comfortable. Thank you.” . . . KM, Los Angeles, CA

“I felt like a princess in my gown” . . .LB, Anaheim Hills, CA

“I’m so excited! This is going to be the best Halloween ever” . . .JK, WA

“Hi, . . . I ordered an Elizabethan Compromise Corset from you and I just received it yesterday. I wish to compliment you on several things. First of all, it arrived just in time! Thank you. The other thing is, I have been having back trouble since being hit by a car. Because of this, I found I could not wear my regular Elizabethan corset (it was stiff in all the wrong places) to the Faire in February and was forced to do without. I tried on your compromise corset last night and was thrilled with it. Great design! Thank you so much!” . . . JM, FL

Note from the Costumer: Sadly, our Elizabethan Compromise Corset is not currently available, but will be rejoining our line of period attire later in 2016.

‚ÄúDamn, I look good.” PD, Oceanside, CA

“I just received my skirt in the mail this afternoon and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! It was just what I had been hoping for – everything about it is PERFECT! The waist fits just right and the length is perfect as well. It was like you had all of my EXACT measurements! You are a miracle worker and you do such a beautiful job!! Thank you again – This will certainly fit the occasion. I can’t wait to wear it!” . . . CK, Warwick, NY

“The costume arrived as advertised and it is wonderful. I was astounded by the amount of soutache – and work – involved. It fits perfectly. Thanks, Julie! It’s fabulous!” . . . CP, Phoenix, AZ

“I just got home from work and got the package. I am in awe. This is exactly EXACTLY what I pictured. You were right on, the design, the color, my undergarments, it’s just beautiful. My mother saw it on me and was floored. Even though it is a simple design, you still kept close attention to detail and period accuracy which I am impressed by and grateful for. I know I am over ecstatic here, but when dealing with a seamstress’ over the Internet, you really hope everything comes out as planned. I can happily say that it did” . . . PL, Michigan

“Oh my GOD these outfits are BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on these! I can’t wait to send you wedding pictures to post. You really need to show off your work.” . . . KH, Tampa, FL

Then she followed-up with this message, post nuptials . . . “I want you to know that EVERYONE at the wedding commented on how amazing our outfits were…. You did an outstanding job! . . . You are a talented woman.” . . . KH, Tampa, FL

“Thank you for the lovely garb!” . . . EB, Fords, NY

“The shirt is AWESOME!!!”. . . MH, Los Angeles, CA

“I received the doublet today. It looks great! Just as I hoped it would. Thanks!” . . . WK, Lancaster, NY

“I’m very, very, very thrilled, pleased, ecstatic… on and on!! You RULE!!” . . . SM, Georgia

“I received my order today- thank you! The items are beautiful and fit perfectly. I really appreciate your rushing this to me.” . . . JJ, Memphis, TN