You’ve got questions, we’ve got a few answers.

1. May we quote your article as a source?

Yes, you may quote our articles as a source.  All we ask is that you provided us with:

  • Where we are being quoted: blog (include URL), term paper, dissertation, etc.
    • If term paper or dissertation, please include all pertinent details such as school, grade, subject matter.
    • Your contact information.
  • Use standard MLA format. Easy bib has an utility to help you format it.
    • Example: Last name, First name. “Article Title.” Website Title. Publisher of Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed. <URL>.
    • The author is always J. L. Fox unless stated otherwise.

2. How can we contact the costumer?

  • For costuming commissions, you may email: costumer at foxesperiodcostumes.com
    • or you can check out our new Custom-Made page and submit your inquiry and receive a quote.
  • For all other inquires, you may email: info at foxesperiodcostumes.com

3. How can I get your RRS feed?

  • In the “Stuffs” column to the right of this column, click the “entries RSS” link.  This will take you to the RSS feed subscription page.  Please follow the instructions on that page to be added to our RSS feed.

4.  Where is my comment that I posted to your blog?

  • All comments to our blog are moderated.  Thus, if the content is suspected of being spam or not directly related to the subject matter of it will not be approved.
  • All approved comments will be “sanitized” for the writer’s protection.  This means that unless I personally know you and have permission to do so, all names, emails and website information will be redacted.
  • All comments should be in English.  We have seven languages that can be verified for translation once they have been run through Babelfish.  Please note that we are not volunteering which languages.

5. Direct links of other items of interest within our site:


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