Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

This is our manifesto on Custom-Made Costumes, what it takes to get one made, how to pay for it and why you should consider having one.

We believe that a Custom-Made Costume is like a custom-made Suit or other piece of fine, custom tailoring.  It is a one of a kind, luxury item that demonstrates the owner’s unique style and creativity.  It provides the opportunity for those who have figures that simply do not conform to the normal “off the rack” sizing to be comfortable in the costume (or garment) they wear.  It allows the owner to combine those key elements of the period that suit their personal tastes and not look like a rubber stamped or cookie cutter image.

As the phrases “custom-made” and “one of a kind” would seem to imply, such a costume would be more labor intensive due to design elements and fit and are generally made of better fabrics and trims than those items straight off the rack. Therefore, because of these facts, a custom-made costume will generally cost more than a “similar” item off the rack, assuming that you could, indeed, find such a thing.  Politely said, you get what you pay for. . . . so if you are the eternal comparison shopper who is always looking to get everything for less, you now have two choices:  You can either stay and read on . . . or leave and take up someone else’s bandwidth.

Our Mission:

  • To create a custom-made period costume of our customer’s choosing, that expresses their own unique sense of style yet maintains the appropriate (as well as “correct”) period impression.
  • To create a custom-made period costume for a reasonable price, using the highest quality goods that the wearer’s personal pocketbook can afford.
  • To meet or exceed any guild or reenactment group’s costuming criterion, assuming that the participant requesting the costume has provided the guidelines that must be followed.
  • To keep our customers in stitches.

What it takes to get one made:

Foxes Period Costume scan work from any clear photocopy or illustration from history or art book(s) that your provide.  Based upon our knowledge of specific periods of fashion, design ideas provided by you and applicable guild or reenactment group’s costuming criterion, we can create a custom costume to suit your personal tastes and body type.  Should you desire the general look and feel of a period costume, but not all of the detail, we can work with you on the level as well.

How will our period attired be created and how can we be assured of the proper fit if I don’t live in the same city as where Stitches is located?

Your period attire will be created for you and yours based on a complex series of measurements from which personalized patterns will be drafted specifically for you. Once, the period is determined and fabric is chosen, the appropriate underpinnings are created and a muslin fitting garment is created. Then, a muslin is sent to you to ensure the proper fit and to work out any “glitches” that may have occurred in the pattern drafting phase.  For the majority of our clients, this initial muslin stage is all the fitting required.  In special circumstances, additional work may be required.  In that event, Foxes Period Costumes will either work with a local seamstress or travel to your location (for an additional minor fee, for those outside of the greater Southern California region).

How much time do you require to create our period attire?

Obviously, the more lavish and ornate the costume, the more time is required.  However, two to four months is normal.

How to pay for it.

Do you require a deposit and if so, how much?

As is traditional within the custom tailoring and the bridal industry, a fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit per outfit is required upon initiation of the project(s). The deposit is specifically associated with the cost of fabric, trims and related notions to create said costume.

What is the payment schedule?

Again, as traditional within the industry, two incremental payments on the outstanding balance will be due.  The first payment of approximately half of the outstanding balance will be due prior to the first fitting and the second will be due at the time of the final fitting.  Additional charges for design modification, increased yardage and trim acquisitions and beading will be added accordingly.

We accept payment in the following forms:  Cash, Check, Money Orders, Travels Checks, Master Card or Visa.  We have also been known to speak “barter” as partial payment for services rendered.

California Residents MUST pay the State required Sales Tax, which is currently 9%.

Why you should consider having one.

. . . .well, go on and read the rest of this.

Are you a unique individual or do you march to the drum beat of the collective? Do you want a costume that actually fits you and not the super model down the street? Do you want a costume that will knock their socks off? Are you tired of playing “Peasant” and have more “Noble” aspirations? If you answered even “well, maybe”, to any of these questions, then a custom-made costume is for you!

Pricing and how we determine our fees.

Our fees are based on a “time and materials” basis. Our basic hourly rate is $24/hr. Intensive handwork (i.e.: beading) is $45/hr. Materials are billed at current retail pricing. Large Wedding Parties have different rates. However, certain surcharges may apply and those are discussed at the time of the initial consultation.

We are willing to work with anyone who wishes to provide their own fabric or trims or notions, either in whole or in part.  Allergies may prevent us from working with certain materials and this will be addressed during the design development phase.

For those wishing solely wishing basic design and pattern work, our design development services are $95 for basic design development and consultation.