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Sci-Fi Pawty Prize donation – Wecanhas … scarf the fourth?

Doctor Who 11th Theme Music  For the full experience, click the link, you know you want to.

Being the proud and fur-covered mother of her four rescued felines, it is my privilege to help where and how I can.

So with that now being said, I asked myself … what does a Whovian period costumer do to incorporate her three of her four passions of Sci-fi, costuming and supporting animal rescue charities on a shoestring?  She hand-knits the Fourth Doctor’s iconic Scarf and donates it as a prize for Boris Kitty’s 5th Annual Sci-Fi Pawty. The SCIFpawty is a virtual Science Fiction Convention on Twitter. The hashtag #SCFIpawty The proceeds will once again benefit One By One Cat Rescue in Kutztown, PA a no-kill, non-profit organization.

So what does a person or more specifically a Whovian need to know about the scarf featured below?

  1. This scarf is by the book. As outlined in my blog post entitled  A Whovian’s …err “Delight”? — making the fourth Doctor’s Scarf I use the “Official BBC Enterprises Knitting pattern for the ‘Doctor Who’ Scarf,” which can be found here:
  2. Yes, it really is 12 feet long.
  3. The scarf is knit in 100% acrylic yarn, specifically:  Lion Brand Yarn’s “Vanna’s Choice.”  I love this yarn.  It is soft, has a good hand, has a wide color palette and best of all, is machine wash and dry.
  4. The colors are cannon.  I’ve used the color resources at Witty Little Knitter.  If anyone has done their homework, Tara Carstensen certainly has.  [Dudes, seriously. She took an OTT Light and a Pantone color book with her when she got the opportunity to have a hands on with the Shada scraf.]  Here is her template and list of yarns.
  5. Pictures [below] — we fussed over which phone took the best and most accurate representation of the colors.  The husband’s iPhone won.  We took pictures against both a black coat and a warm, dark brown coat to give you the best opportunities to see what it will look like before it arrives at your home.
  6. Hand-knitting — I hope in stating that this scarf has been hand-knit by yours truly would imply that there might be an irregularity or two in the knitting process.  There are three or four little “burps” in the stitches.  Now when you consider everything that Four put his scarf through, these are nothing; however, I did feel compelled to mention them.
  7. Cat Fur — the cats have made their own contribution to this project.  Thus, there is small small quantity of car fur that has unavoidably knitted into the scarf.
  8. The scarf has been washed in 7th Generation “Free & clear” it get out all of the awful sizing and the aforementioned cat fur as possible.

Doctor Who 4th Scarf - Black coat right side up Doctor Who 4th Scarf - Bown coat right side up

And as a sneak peak, here is our annual #scfipawty avatar: our 3 of 4, Obi-wan as his name sake.

May the #scfipawty force be with you.
May the #scfipawty force be with you.


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