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Dia & Co Box #4 — the beat goes on

Obligatory disclaimer: The majority of the comments shared here been sent to the company whose box is being reviewed.  I am not receiving any type of compensation for my review.  This rant is entirely my own doing, mostly because I refuse to do unboxing videos on YouTube, and I hate having pictures of myself taken unless I’m wearing a period costume.

As before, knowing that the next box’s arrival was imminent, I kept checking my “Rate my box” and again, googled the list to try and get a sneak peak of what to expect.  I was only able to find two of the items online, but as many fellow Dia-boxers will tell you, what the garment is called by the Designer and what retailers call it are two entirely different things.  Also, fourth box, fourth stylist.

For those of you who stumbled across this blog post and don’t know what a Dia Box is, it’s a plus-size subscription service.  You fill out a questionnaire, and a stylist selects five pieces of clothing and/or accessories based upon your survey and what’s hot in the world of fashion and they send you a box.  It’s a blind box so you have no clue what’s actually in the box until it arrives.  [Think you’re buying Doctor Who Titans Blind Boxed Vinyl Figures from ThinkGeek.  You know what the general perimeters of what you’re getting, just not the specific items in questions.]  There’s a $20 styling fee and they provide a SASE to return what you don’t decide to keep.

So with the introductory info out of the way, let’s review what they sent went me in this latest box.

1. A skirt – “Eliza” Skirt, Society+, Black/White, $60.00 – This skirt is called the “Kate Midington” on the Society+ website.  The black skirt with the white polka-dots is no longer available, but the white with black dots is.  The skirt is a good length, just below the knee, and has pockets.  The fabric is an interestingly textured woven polyester and the underside of the skirt is as interesting too.  As I am currently losing weight, the skirt they sent me is going to be too big on me within the month so I sized down two sizes.

2. Blouse #1: “Maggie” Top, Daniel Rainn, Black, $69.00 – This was a long sleeve blouse (in a polyester crepe) that had two layers of fabric on the front that overlapped each that was over the top of a basic shell/tank top style lining.  The lower edges had a tulip edge.  The neckline didn’t quite lay flat and the double layer of fabric doesn’t sit properly on my hips. My husband didn’t like it either. He said it looked like a sci-fi prison guard uniform.

3. Blouse #2: “Jayda” Top, Curve by Dora Landa, Purple, $49.00 – The color of the shirt I received was Burgundy, not purple as listed on my stylist’s note/invoice card.  [This is just fine by me as I’m not a “purple” girl, but rather a lavender or lilac girl. I post on the Shawl from Hell is testament to my color preference.] Generally speaking, the shirt is a little boring and the sleeves are a little too short, but the husband likes it and it fits me well right now and will look fine when I drop another 30 pounds, too. Finally, for a rather plain, lightweight polyester crepe de chine the price seems a little high, but I’ve done too much shopping at Wal-Mart; so my thoughts on pricing is a little skewed.  However, since the both the color and fit is good, and I am a costumer, I’m going to embellish the top with some vintage-looking gray lace, which will tie it into my Fall/Winter wardrobe capsule.

4. A dress: “Treasure” Dress, Taylor, Plum, $98.00 (yikes!!) – I like the colors, I like the weight of the fabric and we both like the pattern. The only thing I’m not happy about is the price. I did find the dress on Amazon and the price was $30 more than what I paid for it thorugh Dia & Co., so I feel better about it.

5. A jacket: “Mallory” Blazer, Society+, Navy, $50.00 – This is called Posh Zippered Blazer on the Society+ website.  First, it’s a motorcycle style jacket, not a blazer, people.  Second, there’s a little problem with the zipper sticking, thus it doesn’t zip back up properly. Third, this not quite my style and it doesn’t quite fit right over my hips. Also, the extra pointy pieces of fabric at the hips looks odd on me. This is a bit too trendy for my tastes. A military “Sgt. Pepper” type jacket would have been a better choice. [I had a navy linen “Sgt. Pepper” type jacket that had a low-high hemline back in the mid-80s that I loved.  I missed it.]

My latest Dia & Co. stylist has gotten a better sense of who I am.  The color palette was spot on for working into my capsule wardrobe and I ended up keeping three of the five pieces.  If the black blouse had fit better, I probably would have kept it, too.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try a Dia box of your own and would like to show me some thanks for this any or of my other ramblings and rants, please use my link, it will benefit the both of us:


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