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Dia & Co. Box #3

My third Dia & Co. box arrived in record time.  It arrived before the five-day return window for box # 2 had a chance to run.  It was amazing how quickly it arrived.

Again, I kept checking my “Rate my box” and again googled the list to get a sneak peak of what to expect.  I was happy to see that they found the bag I requested and that they were sending me a black one.  Also, third box, third stylist.

Again, this box arrived nearly a month ago and I’m playing catch-up on my reviews and blog in general while taking a break from the shawl from hell.  So the basic gist of this is what I’ve already shared with the stylist.

  1. A Blouse: Daniel Rainn, “Kyla” blouse Indigo/Tan print for $88 — First and foremost, for a shirt to cost $88 and me to buy it, it has to be extraordinary — some type of embellishment and very flattering. This shirt was neither. The dark blue and tan abstract print looked very matronly and the colors are muddy. For a top to look like my 78-year-old mother should be wearing and not me, says something. On the plus side, it fits reasonably well. The shoulders fit and the sleeve length is perfect. Maybe if it been a solid color like a cranberry or wine or dark green or slate blue, I’d had considered it …but not at this price point
  2. Knit top #1: KIYONNA Knit Jersey Twist Top for $58 — Much to my surprise, I like this top in spite of the fact that it has 3/4 sleeves (those just make me crazy because they always hit in the wrong place: long arms). It fits me very well and who doesn’t have enough black in their wardrobe? [I can hear my husband saying that I do, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.] I confess, it’s a bit pricey for my tastes but it’s unique enough to become a part of my capsule wardrobe. Check it out here.
  3. Knit top #2 Eloquii “Ashton” Textured Knit Top in Black/White for $60 – Oh joy everlasting, a cold shoulder top: not. I freely confess that I did not say that I dislike cold shoulder tops if for no other reason is than they look broken and desperately need fixed – either by turning it into a tank top or sew the sleeves back on right now! I just bought a white with black stripe t-shirt at Target for $9, not going to spend $60 on a top that I’d have to remake. As a historical note: one of my instructors in fashion design school is the party responsible for this design atrocity.  Even they hated it by the mid 1980s.
  4. A little black bag: Under One Sky “Lucille” Crossbody Bag for $36 — Now, this is the bag I requested to see and made better because it’s black and not the tan one I saw on the YouTube review… And all of my bare-bones essentials fit, which makes it perfect for bopping about.
  5. A cheap necklace: Bijoux “Alexandria” necklace in silvertone for $29 — First, I specifically said no jewelry. I have more than enough as I inherited my mother in-laws’ and don’t wear all. This piece was very cheap looking, like it should be for a little girl as a birthday party gift and not a middle-aged woman.

The next box is expected the first part of November and I specifically asked for long sleeve blouses and tops.  let’s see what they send me.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try a Dia box of your own and would like to show me some thanks for this any or of my other ramblings and rants, please use my link, it will benefit the both of us:

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