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Dia & Co. Box #2– we’re getting better-ish

As I mentioned in my first “unboxing” review I had decided to give the company another chance.  After all, they gave me a credit, so it was costing me nothing to do it.

I confess, I’m going to cheat a little on this review and directly use some of my comments that I shared with the company, mostly because the box arrived almost two months ago, but partially because I hadn’t critiqued all of the items in draft form yet.

Since the receipt of my dismal first box. I went back to their website and seriously updated my profile, added more specifics and horror of all horror: increased the price threshold to $150 per piece.  [God forbid that they ever send me a box where each item cost that much a piece and I like the whole box. ] I even went the extra mile and provided such specific as hair and eye color and “seasonal” color palette of a Cool Summer.

Dressing by seasonal palettes is based upon the 1970s book entitled Color Me Beautiful — this book puts forth the theory that based on our hair, eye colors, and natural skin color undertones, most women fall into four basic color palettes (seasons) and by choosing colors from these seasons, we are guaranteed to look our best at almost all times.  I subscribe to this theory as it helped to explain why I never looked as good in the same shades of blue, green and purple that my “spring” mother and sister (and father) did and why I despise yellows and golds on me.  I also apply this color theory with my custom costume clients to help them look the absolute best or worst as their character or persona requires.

I also gave them two specific items that I had seen on two different YouTubers reviews of their August and September boxes that I liked and asked for them.  Alas, they did not get included.

Now, onto the box review.

Knowing about when my box was coming, I began to check my Dia “rate my items” page to see what was coming.  Yes, I realize that there are some that would consider this cheating, but I was the kid that liked to snoop around for hidden Christmas and birthday presents – I never opened them, I just like to see if I could guess what they were ahead of time. When the items were posted, I did a web search to see if I could find these specific items.  I found one.  It was a top that I had seen in an unboxing video that was in black and they were sending me one in beige.  So I was so optimistic, I went as far as telling my husband that if it fits and looks good, I’m keeping it.

Something to note:  if you chose to go searching for the items listed, keep in mind that what your Dia & Co. stylist calls it and what retailer calls it stand a 95% chance of not being called the same thing.  Case in point, my first item.

When the box arrived, I was left feeling “meh.”  First, the overall color palette was better suited to my “spring” sister than little ole “summer” me.  Second, I had mixed feelings about the selections.  While it wasn’t the epic fail that the first box was, it wasn’t a winner either.  I’d call it a swing and a mostly miss.

  1. A “peculiar” dress: Simply Be’s “Ophelia” Dress in Royal Blue for $100.00 – Now one would think that a dress style Ophelia would be a floral and flowy print dress that might have bell of bishop sleeves and perhaps some lace or embroidery that would bring to mind the tragic Shakespearian character: Nope, nope, and nope.   The dress was a solid Royal blue, which is so not my shade of blue.  I’m more of a navy, indigo, slate, powder and French blue type of girl. The fabric was a curious woven strip that I would liken to extra wide wale corduroy with the negative space between the wales that could best be described as mess-like, sort of like faggoting.  [Historical note: faggoting is an embroidery stitch that is generally used for joining two or more pieces of fabric or trim together.  It was used in late Victorian and Edwardian lingerie dresses or more recently Battenberg lace.] My husband said the fabric looked like I should be jumping out of a plane to skydive or getting ready to ride the space shuttle. I just thought it was weird.  And I’ve got to really, really like a dress and it has to have something going for it for me to pay $100 for it, just saying.
  2. A skirt: Swak retro-ish print Circle Skirt for $65.00  I like this style of this skirt as it’s very flattering for my pear shaped body… but I was on the fence about it because I wasn’t happy with any of my existing tops with it. I liked the “Judy Jetson-esque” retro 1950s space orbiter print. Ultimately this funky went back because I simply cannot pay $65 for a skirt that would end up sitting in the back of my closet because I don’t have a top for it.  And that, my friends, defeats the purpose for a Capsule Wardrobe.
  3. A purse / clutch-like thing:Under One Sky “Harper” Cross-body bag for $30 –First, this was not the bag I requested.  Second, this bag is poorly designed and was a pain in the @$$ just getting my wallet and keys out of it, let alone not have room for my reading glasses or any of heath related necessities.  The price was reasonable and had a slight vintage feel, but it was a fail.  [I once told a saleslady at Dillard’s that I’d pay $300 for a good, well-made leather bag if it meant all of my criteria and I really, really liked it.  So, $30 for a clutch is not bad.]
  4. A knit top: Oddi “Abrielle” Top in Black/White for $46 — The yoke neck kimono style was okay, the fit could have been a tiny bit larger.  My issue was the prints.  Stripes simply do not go with pastel Native American prints.  [My profile says no tribal prints and my husband looked at the shirt and said what the huh? ] Also, I simply will not ever pay over $20 for what is essentially a glorified t-shirt, ever.
  5. A sleeveless knit top: Eunishop “Ellie” Tank Top in Beige for $42 — This is the top that I was excited about.  The main problem with this shirt is that it is too close to my skin tone to be flattering.  It just got lost on me, and that was even with the black panels of embroidery on either side of the front opening. My husband’s response echoed mine: it was meh.  Fortunately, I was able to exchange it for a black one: much, much better and now I have a layering piece with a little more style than the obligatory generic tank top. Even better was the $20 credit I had so the top only cost me $22, which is something I can live with.

I threw caution to the wind and clicked the box to have them send the next box asap when I submitted my rating.

If you’re feeling brave and want to try a Dia box of your own and would like to show me some thanks for this any or of my other ramblings and rants, please use my link, it will benefit the both of us:

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